The Weller Way Mission Statement

I am a Parenting and Family Relationship Coach.

In the early days of the business I was asked “Why would someone want to be told how to be a parent?”

“Surely, it’s just a case of just getting on with it. Parents don’t like being told how to do it”


Yes, Being a parent and parenting is a verb.  It’s something you do, not just who you are. It’s not just about guiding the next generation, it’s about sometimes forgiving the last.

Many difficulties within families stem from a repeated cycle of unforgiven  situations from the past which affect our emotional health and our relationships.

It’s called our Shark music!

By repeating negative behaviour patterns, or doing the opposite of what our parents did re-enforces dis-connection and functionality. Continue reading “The Weller Way Mission Statement”

The Thirteenth Flaw

This is a repost from The Circle of Security international written by the lovely Deidre.

The Thirteenth Flaw of Parenting
January 19th 2016
Pretend for a moment that every parent on the planet has this one simple fact in common: we all have exactly twelve flaws as parents. Not that these flaws are the same for everyone. Many of us have similar configurations fitting into similar patterns while also being stunningly unique in how messed up we actually are.

Now pretend that someone comes along and tells you that having these flaws isn’t actually a problem . . . unless you also have “the thirteenth parenting flaw,” the one that makes the other twelve almost impossible to deal with.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

A bitesize snippet of how an attachment based Parenting approach helps with responding to challenging behaviours whether it is the terrible 2’s or the troublesome teen:

The Circle of Security® roadmap helps to increase caregiver’s observation skills. Using the Circle roadmap, we are better able to shift our attention away from focusing on the child’s behaviour, and onto what is Hidden in Plain Sight.

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Connection is Key.

This recent article from The Huffington Post, written by M.J Silva, so encapsulates The Circle of Security, I wish I had wrote it myself! So I thought it worth re-posting …

When children rage, they are, in fact , communicating.

It’s frightening. It’s powerful. It jolts parents all across the globe. It may even be parents’ worst nightmare. But it’s a worldwide known natural inevitability.

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