Nutritional Support For Children and Adolescents.

I am pleased to be able to collaborate with and highly recommend the services of Guidetta Del Vecchio.

Giuditta Del Vecchio is a family Nutritional Therapist who works with adults and children aiming to achieve optimal health through nutrition.

She offers support for a range of health conditions, including food intolerances and allergies, digestive disorders like IBS, autoimmune disorders, chronic conditions, and healthy weight management. She has a particular interest in children’s health and can help with learning difficulties, mood disorders, and behavioural issues.

Giuditta has a strong passion for prevention and healing through nutrition, a passion that began during pregnancy and flourished as she cared for her newborn son.  She graduated in Naturopathic Nutrition at the highly regarded College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and is registered with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council (CNCH).

She is also a Zest4Life Associate and Health Coach.


 Consultations and programmes

  • FREE 20-min Health & Nutrition assessment.
  • 12-week packages:

I offer three packages to help clients see, and feel benefits across a 12-week period, which is the right length of time to set new habits and see results.

Each package begins with an in-depth, 90-minute consultation, where we look into your previous medical and family histories, discuss current symptoms, your health goals, and your current nutritional intake.

With all packages, within two days, you will receive a bespoke nutritional protocol designed specifically for you and your goals.  This will be delivered via email, but also discussed over a brief Skype chat or phone call.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages then differ in the amount of support you receive throughout the 12 weeks.



£ 300


£ 450

Gold – high compliance  £ 750
1 x 90-minute initial consultation


1 x 90-minute initial consultation


1 x 90-minute initial consultation


2 x 20-min follow up 5 x 30-min follow up Weekly 30-min follow up
1 x 60-min follow up 1 x 60-min follow up 1 x 60-min follow up