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My name is Sarah Weller and I am a qualified parenting consultant and licensed NLP practitioner based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

I specialise in helping all sorts of families build secure relationships for functional family life. 

Generally people seek help from Coaches because they feel they are “not performing” in an area of their life, using competitive jargon in my opinion is counter productive. “Not performing well enough” is an indictment on our society’s fast paced, perfection seeking,  driven , ambitious culture and this is sadly filtering into our attitude about parenting. We strive to be the best parents that we can be, and that is natural, but not at the expense of beating ourselves up that we are not good enough because we are constantly making comparisons with others. Children are wonderfully forgiving, for most of the time, because they are hard-wired to seek a strong attachment with us, as long as we remember to apologise when we get it wrong. The Weller Way encourages and helps you to re-frame your thought processes from a stance of not good enough and feeling unable to juggle the demands of family life to feeling good enough, that you have a strong and secure connection with your child through which you can implement effective boundaries that are respected and can withstand whatever challenges are thrown your way.

My Services

I provide the following services:

What brought you to my website…?

  • Maybe you are experiencing difficulties within your family life?
  • Maybe you are feeling exhausted from a constant juggling act between work and home life, which leaves you feeling that you are not achieving what you hoped for?
  • Do you feel depleted from taking care of everyone? Or maybe you feel that no-one is taking care of you?

In which case you may be interested in my “Exploring Motherhood” package of 3 sessions.

  • Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your partner. Are you having arguments over your discipline approach?
  • Are you finding that there is little time for you as a couple now you have children?
  • Maybe you are feeling that you are losing meaningful connections with your partner and your children because of time constraints or conflicting schedules?

In which case, you may be interested in exploring your relationship dynamics in more depth to reduce conflict and improve communication

If you are a new parent, are you feeling less confident and more anxious about getting things right? Do you feel that you don’t know where to start or worry that you don’t have what it takes to be a great parent?

Or maybe you are worrying about making mistakes in raising your children? Do you feel under pressure to be the perfect parent? Do you worry about whether you are doing the right things for your child?

These thoughts are often our own limiting self beliefs. But as you go through your parenting journey, you can learn how to control these thoughts, because you have invested in using evidence based tools and practices that help you become a “good enough” parent or “good enough partner” that nurtures and nourishes these relationships.

In which case, maybe you would like to explore Positive Parenting in a bespoke way that suits the personalities of your children

If you would like to explore how your family can be a happier place to be, a place where you feel more in control and confident that you are able to be the best parent you can be, then we can work together to find out what works best for you to fully function as a secure family….maybe even discover your version of ‘Hygge’!… you  never know!

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about The Weller Way:

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Totally gets PDA

I had the luck of being pointed in the direction of Sarah Weller back in March 2021 after I attended a Barnados Cygnet course for parenting autistic children. My 11 yr old daughter has been diagnosed ASD/PDA. I subscribed to one of Sarah’s webinars about Autism and PDA. I recall seeing that is was attended by what looked like well over 250 people. 

What I found , was that here was someone who absolutely understood the ASD/PDA profile, totally “got” what parents and families were going through and the implications for parents, siblings, family, school and the child themselves.

I contacted Sarah and arranged some therapy sessions with her in May this year. Sarah’s vast experience, depth of knowledge and understanding of autism and PDA has been a huge turning point in helping understand the challenges facing my daughter and how we as a family can help her best. Sarah has a fresh approach on how to help PDA families and does not dish out the usual standard approaches to challenging children which in my experience have not worked at all with my PDA daughter.

We now understand what is going on neurologically, autistically and behaviourally with my daughter and ergo how we can help her. Aside from how we parent and interact with my daughter on a day to day basis, Sarah has encouraged us to review her diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, exercise and also consider body work to help release her vagus nerve and generally relax. My daughter refuses to eat healthily or take essential supplements however she adores massage and body work. Since we started body stress relief and also McTimoney chiropractic treatment – one session every month we have noticed a huge improvement in my daughters behaviour – she is far more balanced and cogniscent, meltdowns are fewer and she is also much more able to articulate her feelings and what is causing her angst.

Sarah has also helped us reframe our approach to my daughters schooling – and by doing so has enabled us to find a guiding principle on how we all together tackle this important path.

A huge thank you to Sarah – I know that further down the line we will be taking up more therapy sessions as my daughter challenges change.

November 25, 2021

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