The Weller Way


Home is where one starts from

“ Are you exhausted and frazzled by the Morning routine before you’ve got out the door? Siblings fighting, kids not getting dressed, morning ablutions taking forever, kids not listening, and morning tantrums? If any of these sound familiar, read on! Home is where one starts from” is a quote by TS Eliot, which for me […]

Opening Windows

I was very reassured to be singing on the same page as Phillipa Perry when she wrote in this weekend’s Guardian about not making Home schooling into a battle ground and risking disconnection. She writes “your first duty to your child is to ensure that you don’t go mad”. I have written more about this […]


Mental Health 1st Aid sessions on Thursday 4th February 2021 For my contribution to Children’s Mental Health week, I am devoting Thursday, to a series of half hour group zooms offering you as a caregiver or teacher some simple Mental Health 1st Aid strategies that will help reduce any stress and overwhelm that you are […]

Home schooling: A blessing or a curse?

There is a very different vibe to this round of lockdown, call it Tier 5, but it’s still essentially a lockdown! Winter brings a slower and softer energy than Spring and Summer, usually a time for contemplation and recharging, a renewal of goals and intentions, yet the general energy is one of frustration, exhaustion, worry […]

Noticing November and making it count

November marks the beginning of Winter, with the clocks going back . It is a lovely month, but often gets lost as the shops are brimming with Christmas, yet this year I feel it could lose it’s specialness, as we enter again into a full lockdown across the UK. November is full of traditions that […]

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