The Weller Way


The Dance of Attunement

“Everybody’s got a hungry heart” (Bruce Springstein) There is culturally an assumption that all parents will naturally bond with their baby, but your baby also, is naturally hardwired to seek strong attachment from you too. Babies naturally seek security and we want to provide it. Babies are born ready to love and to be loved. […]

Big boys can cry

Boys love facts! Here’s one….Man’s one kilo brain is the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter known in the universe! My boys loved non-fiction books when they were learning to read and had a phenomenal capacity to retain the most bizarre facts about all sorts of things, especially very unusual animals and insects, but […]

Rewards… be or not to be?

Has lockdown taken your usually fairly compliant, cute, lovely little one, into an unrecognisable demanding and defiant less than lovely little one? Anger and defiance are signs that the survival brain is running amok, triggering these responses. It may therefore be tempting to rank up a rewards system in your household to increase co-operation and […]

The Irrational Beast: Anxiety

Have we ever known a World event that has impacted every single family on the planet since the World War II? There’s a whirlwind of emotions in each home at the moment but we can take comfort in that we are not alone in our fears or worries. Many of the fears we carry are […]

Time for a Parenting Detox?

We have set new goals at the beginning of a new year since ancient times. I have read that the ancient Babylonians, 4000 years ago  are believed to have been the the first people to make New Year’s resolutions and then the  Romans made promises of good conduct to the God Janus, for the following […]

Reach for the stars with Peter Pan

Christmas is the time of traditions, and going to a Pantomine is a firm family favourite across the land. Pantomine is not however originally a British tradition or a children’s entertainment show. Pantomine began as entertainment for adults, it can be traced back to the ancient Roman “Saturnalia” Midwinter feast, at which everything was supposed […]

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