The Weller Way Revision Guide for teens



It’s that time again, exam season, are you dreading it, or do you feel in control? However you are feeling with a little memory refresher of some revision techniques and some ways to boost your motivation that are tried and tested to ensure success by reducing stress, you will be able to build your confidence

The key thing for revision success is to find out how your brain works best for learning and retaining information. You may already have an idea, but if you are finding revision a struggle, or your brain a bit of a muddle, you can find out your  learning style here:  Continue reading “The Weller Way Revision Guide for teens”

Do you enrage or engage with your Teenager?


By the time you’ve finished reading this blog, which is based on a talk I present, I hope that you:

  • Will feel more confident in dealing with teenage challenges by understanding the science behind the tremendous changes in the adolescent brain.
  • Be able to engage rather than enrage
  • Can feel more connected with your teenager by seeing the whole person
  • Be able to see that  shifting our cultural perception that teenagers are a “nightmare” to a believing that adolescence is a stage of life not to “get over” or “endure”, but one to cultivate well.

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