The Weller Way


Do you bury your head in the sand and hope that your kids will turn out ok because you are so busy with your career?

Do you fly by the seat of your pants and feel pretty clueless and stressed a lot of the time because you are either too harsh or too soft with managing behavioral challenges?

Do you just not get teenagers at all?

Is your family life what you want it to be, or how you imagined it to be?

Are you an anxious new Mum?

Do you want to be intentional and proactive in building a strong, resilient and happy family, whatever your circumstances?  My services will support you to achieve this.

Individual sessions or Coaching packages are for:

  • Coaching for a parent or parents and caregivers of children of all ages using NLP and The Circle of Security attachment building intervention
  • NLP, CBT and emotion coaching for children aged 4 upwards
  • Mentoring for teens
  • Relationship Coaching for couples: when you are not parenting on the same page, or the demands of parenting are putting your relationship under strain
  • Exploring Motherhood: How to be a real parent not a perfect one. This is a therapeutic coaching package of 3 sessions, designed for new Mums  or Mums who want to find the joy in parenting. This is a package to explore anything that is in the way of you being the Mother you want to be. It is not to explore Parenting strategies .
  • Exploring Fatherhood: How to enjoy and get the most out of being a Dad.
  • Give Anxiety the Heave ho: Joint collaborative package with Anne Bayati Hypnotherapy for parents and children
  • Coaching for co-parents post separation
  • Circle of Security 8 week parenting course
  • Public speaking and Workshops
  • Neals Yard Remedies independent consultant services to enhance emotional wellbeing

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