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Positive Parenting Programme: The Circle of Security

  • The Difference that makes the difference
  • Raising Secure children and building a strong connection
  • A roadmap that opens the way for lasting change
  • Our attitude often influences their behaviour
  • Our children are our manual
  • Builds emotional resilience in children

“We are relational beings. Whether early in life or in adulthood, coming to know ourselves within the context of being known – genuinely understood, honoured and cared for- can make all the difference”

John Bowlby

Raising Secure and happy children is our aim isn’t it? Most of us begin parenthood with a positive intention, however it can be that our emotions or own experiences of being parented can get in the way. Sometimes, we can act out our own pain from our childhood and therefore inflict pain on our children.

The Circle of Security Parenting course is designed not to teach “perfect parenting” but to help you be “good enough”, where your relationship with your child will be secure, well balanced, meeting your child’s needs, while enabling you to apply effective boundaries without feeling guilty. It gives caregivers a “roadmap” to refer to, but ultimately promotes and encourages the individual wisdom of the caregiver.

It helps you look beneath children’s behaviour, to discover their genuine relationship needs and breaks out the box that children are their behaviour. By linking certain behaviours in young children to specific motivations, it gives meaning to how infant behaviours are organised in the gaining of attachment to their caregivers to feel more secure.

“lasting change comes from parents developing specific relationship capabilities, rather than learning techniques to manage behaviour

Circle of


Circle of Security is based on infant attachment research and has been tested rigorously in family therapy clinical practice in America to ensure it’s validity and success.

The course is split into 8 modules:

  1. Introduction to the Circle
  2. Exploring our Children’s needs
  3. Managing your Child’s Emotions
  4. Organising your Child’s Feelings
  5. The Path to Security
  6. Exploring our Struggles
  7. Rupture and Repair in our relationships
  8. Summary and Celebration

The course is suitable for  parents and caregivers of children aged from birth to 6 years. The psychology can be used for parents of teenagers. (See solutions for Troubled teens).

For more information directly from the Circle of Security International please see articles on my blog page.

For evidence and testimonials please see below…

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A Simple Roadmap

Circle Of Security Training is regarded as a simple roadmap, to understand children’s specific children’s emotional needs, and is especially helpful in understanding why children act out and what do to help them learn to manage their behaviour

March 2, 2017

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