The Weller Way

Independent Consultant for NYR Organic

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves. When we nurture our mind, body and spirit, we are better equipped to give to the people close to us, making us better partners and better parents.

You can do this by discovering Neal’s Yard Remedies, which is a natural, organic and ethical approach to looking after ourselves.

Neals Yard remedies has been the pioneer in organic beauty, health and wellbeing since 1981. They are the U.K’s first certified organic , natural health and beauty company, the first retailer of certified organic essential oils and are No 1 in the Green Shopping Guide.

The mission of Neals Yard is to transform lives by educating and empowering us to live more healthily through nature.

Often when focusing on our family and career we don’t prioritise our own wellbeing but also harmful chemicals in our environments can pollute our homes. Friends of the Earth estimate that we can have as many as 300 chemicals within our bodies that it can’t break down.

Neals Yard products can enhance family life through reducing the amount of chemicals your family is exposed to and using  essential oils can help maintain a calm atmosphere, promote restful sleep and keep harmful bugs at bay.

Mandarin essential oil is especially beneficial in keeping children calm. A safe way of using this in your home is to diffuse the essential oil through a Neals Yard Vapouriser.

I can offer a free one to one consultation based on your needs or if you have already fallen in love with the power of the blue bottle:

You can shop through my replicated website for home delivery :

NYR Organic UK – Sarah Weller

Alternatively speak to me about holding an event at your home, which is seasonally themed and focuses on Skincare and Wellbeing for that particular season. There is a generous host reward system which qualifies you to receive a Host gift and free and half price shopping dependent on sales.

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