The Weller Way

Package of 10 hour sessions to included Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis

For Families of children of all ages. You can pick and mix the sessions, to include coaching for parents, children on their own, and the family altogether.

You will gain:

  •  An understanding of what Positive Parenting is and why it works
  • Positive Parenting strategies to increase co-operation and reduce challenging behaviour
  • A clear and consistent Parenting approach that is tied in with your beliefs and values
  • If needed Parenting strategies for a child diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, ODD, Dyslexia, Autism
  • An understanding of how you communicate and ways that this can be strengthened.
  • An understanding of the strengths you have as an individual or a couple that can be utilised within your family for a happier family life.
  • A safe space to problem solve together.

Your child will gain:

  • An insight into their thoughts and feelings
  • What their triggers are and ways to manage their triggers
  • Ways to build emotional resilience and self esteem
  • Ways to communicate their needs more effectively.

Package Content:

1. We will define the problem specifically and establish impact of the problem

2. If the behaviour is linked with a diagnosis of a Neuro-biological condition, the strategies we consider using will be specific for that diagnosis.

3. We will set your Goals aligned with your values

4. I will take a history of conception, pregnancy, birth and early years.

5. I will talk to you about your Parenting style and beliefs and why Positive Parenting is the Difference that makes the difference for your family’s wellbeing

6. Communication strengths profiling including using

  • NLP models
  • Transactional Analysis models
  • The Drama Triangle
  • The Trust Triangle

6. We will delve into what your triggers are and where they come from (e.g childhood scripts, limiting beliefs  or past trauma in your relationships

7. Introduction to The Circle of Security Model: Looking at the needs behind the behaviour: What is your child trying to communicate

8. Reflection on what you wants the battles to be and tie this into a Family Plan

9. Establishment of Boundaries/Consequences/Calm down Strategies. All done by using Positive Parenting strategies including:

  • More effective language and communication of your expectations
  • Using discipline to teach the behaviour you want to see
  • Communication that builds respect
  • Tools to increase co-operation and listening
  • Tools to build personal responsibility and promote independence by creating Choice
  • Tools to increase emotional literacy and resilience

10. We will talk about ways of promoting and building your child’s self- esteem, because often negative behaviours are driven by low self- esteem. This includes using Growth Mindset tools ,  Love Languages and feedback

11. We will consider your own stress management and work/life balance, to help you strengthen your resilience and Self- care which will enable to put all of this in place

12. Restoration of Balance: HOW?

13. Installation of “My brilliant self” using NLP

Cost: This package of 10 one-hour sessions costs £720.

Location: Appointments are in Southborough, or via Zoom

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