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Functional family life: Building Secure Relationships

  • Being connected with the people we love
  • Children having a secure place to grow from
  • A secure base to return to when needed
  • Helping your children develop emotional resilience
  • Understanding the needs of the whole family
  • A happy home where we can be what we are
  • Finding what works for you for a fully functioning family life

Something has brought you to my web page.

Maybe you are experiencing difficulties within your family life? Maybe you are feeling exhausted from a constant juggling act between work and home life, which leaves you feeling that you are not achieving what you hoped for? Do you feel depleted from taking care of everyone? Or maybe you feel that no-one is taking care of you?

In which case you may be interested in my “Exploring Motherhood” package of 3 sessions.

Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your partner. Are you having arguments over your discipline approach?

Are you finding that there is little time for you as a couple now you have children?

Maybe you are feeling that you are losing meaningful connections with your partner and your children because of time constraints or conflicting schedules?

In which case, you may be interested in exploring your relationship dynamics in more depth to reduce conflict and improve communication

If you are a new parent, are you feeling less confident and more anxious about getting things right? Do you feel that you don’t know where to start or worry that you don’t have what it takes to be a great parent?

Or maybe you are worrying about making mistakes in raising your children? Do you feel under pressure to be the perfect parent? Do you worry about whether you are doing the right things for your child?

These thoughts are often our own limiting self beliefs. But as you go through your parenting journey, you can learn how to control these thoughts, because you have invested in using evidence based tools and practices that help you become a “good enough” parent or “good enough partner” that nurtures and nourishes these relationships.

In which case, maybe you would like to explore Positive Parenting in a bespoke way that suits the personalities of your children

If you would like to explore how your family can be a happier place to be, a place where you feel more in control and confident that you are able to be the best parent you can be, then we can work together to find out what works best for you to fully function as a secure family….maybe even discover your version of ‘Hygge’!… you  never know!

“I have a lot of parents in powerful professional roles who nonetheless find parenting a challenge. It’s the role for which we have no training and which often finds people at their most vulnerable, even if their day job is ruling half the world”

Clarissa  Farr Head Mistress St Paul’s Girls’ School.

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