The Weller Way

Support & Training for working with vulnerable families

  • Empowering Attachment based Early Intervention Programme
  • Experienced and Qualified Professional and Trainer in the Homelessness Sector
  • Ambassador for Calverley Hill: SAHA Supported Housing Project.
  • Mental Health Foundation First Aider YOUTH
  • Licenced Trainer for MIND Fitness.

“What’s done to children, they will do to society”

Karl Menninger

Evidence shows that family conflict is the main factor leading to homelessness among the under 18’s. (Randall G & Brown/

I offer an attachment building training course for Parents: The Circle of Security that offers “an opportunity for overwhelmed and perplexed parents, especially those fighting the odds of under-education, poverty, abuse, neglect, lack of social support and margin, even marginalisation, to become the parents they wish they had had. (Powell, Cooper, Hoffman and Marvin).

The training course promotes self reflection at it’s core , which in itself creates new internal working models that clients can then take into all areas of their lives.

I have a proven record of designing, implementing and running successful day programmes,  both at Crossways Community and Chapter1 Calverley Hill,  which resulted in increased client participation that led to skill building, improved wellbeing and self esteem, and ultimately increased independence.


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