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Solutions For Troubled Teens

Parenting Help With Troubled Teenagers

I can offer 2 solution approaches:

For Parents:

  • Techniques and tools to repair a ruptured relationship
  • Deeper understanding of teenager behaviours
  • Techniques and tools to help with Stress, Anxiety and Self Esteem issues
  • Increased confidence in parenting your teenager
  • Signposting to other services if necessary: Mental Health Foundation First Aider YOUTH

While most parents recognise that children need help in organising their behaviour, for many the idea that children need help in organising their feelings can be a much trickier one, and by the time our children become teenagers, the world of feelings fuelling behaviours can be very challenging and frustrating for both sides.

Are you struggling to maintain boundaries with your son or daughter?

Are there more arguments than discussions?

Is your child isolating themselves from the rest of the family?

Are you avoiding spending time with your child?

Do you have suspicions that your child maybe experimenting with drugs?

Do you think your child maybe experiencing Mental Health problems?

Through one to one bespoke coaching, I am here to support you if any of these questions have resonated with you. I can help you identify what the needs  are that are behind the behaviour,  and support you to move forward in a positive way which will strengthen your relationship with your child and relationships within the rest of your family.

Using the psychology of The Circle of Security and my experience and knowledge in coaching young people, including an insight in how the teenage brain works and how mental health issues can develop,  I can help you identify ways in which you can meet your teenager’s needs, while enabling you to apply effective boundaries that work ,without you feeling guilty.

It is never too late to repair a ruptured relationship and rebuild a connection.


For Teenagers:

  • Mentoring for increased motivation and self-esteem
  • Coaching for Anger Management
  • Coaching to build emotional resilience

This approach includes NLP coaching techniques, and tools, techniques and exercises from my Engage to Change qualification.

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