A Stress Reduction Guide for you and your family

It’s Stress Awareness Month

(A 5 minute read).


Stress can creep up on us silently, without us realising it, manifesting it’s creeping threads in so many different ways, triffid like.  A lot of people I know at the moment are suffering from Stress. The World Health organisation reckon that stress related illnesses will become  the largest health problem by 2020.

I recently gave talks at Tunbridge Wells Mums in Business about The Balance Act for Parentpreneurs, and at Tonbridge Mums in Business about Mum Guilt so I thought I would condense these into a shortened blog post. Having said that, I’ve realised that it’s not so easy to write a blog on a talk! But here is the essence!

The Author Alain de Botton said:

 “there is no such thing as work/life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life” .

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