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It’s that time again, exam season, are you dreading it, or do you feel in control? However you are feeling with a little memory refresher of some revision techniques and some ways to boost your motivation that are tried and tested to ensure success by reducing stress, you will be able to build your confidence

The key thing for revision success is to find out how your brain works best for learning and retaining information. You may already have an idea, but if you are finding revision a struggle, or your brain a bit of a muddle, you can find out your  learning style here: 

Here are the revision styles that match your learning style:

If you are lead visual, anything that will help  you visualise information in the exam will help e.g sticky notes, mind maps, lists, diagrams and written notes. This however won’t necessarily help if you are  auditory or kinaesthetic

If you are lead auditory , a revision buddy will help, testing them verbally. Revising to particular music for different subjects will help too, as memory recall will be boosted in an exam when you think of the music.

If you are lead kinaesthetic , using online revision sites or revision sheets or practice papers will help as you  are interacting and physically doing something. Also moving around while you are recalling information will help. Choose your revision environment where you will be comfortable.

You can have a variety of learning styles, however when you are under stress, your brain will default to the one it prefers, which is your lead style.

After you’ve worked out your preferred learning style, first, make a revision plan, remembering to factor in socialising, exercise and downtime. You can print off a blank calender here:

Next are my top tips to ensure success:

Revision hacks:

  • Switch topics regularly
  • Switch your phone off: the brain doesn’t like multi-tasking!! (Groan, I know!)
  • Make a list of your key learning points in each session on a post it note, so when you go back to that subject you’ve got an instant reminder of what you’ve already learnt
  • Keep a bottle of water topped up by you. Staying well hydrated really helps with clear thinking
  • If you get stuck or find the stress levels creeping up, move your body, go outside or do some deep breathing. A little drop of frankincense oil on a tissue, can really bring down the stress levels

Keep Calm and Carry on

  • Make yourself a relaxing toolkit which could include a wind down play list, a bath or shower using a product with calming  essential oils e.g lavender
  • Find some powerful confidence and motivating mantras like the ones here from a selection from Disney movies and give yourself a pep talk
  • Con yourself into thinking you are enjoying the subject you hate. ” I love Maths” as you start revising Maths. What we say to ourselves influences how we feel. Remember that  if you will be dropping it , this is the last time it will be in your life
  • Imagine what life will be like when the exams are over. Make some plans
  • Imagine what success feels like, looks like, sounds like. What will success enable you to do?
  • Remember what you are good at, make a list and use these skills when you are finding anything difficult
  • Embrace Growth Mindset  by using these statements:

Instead of:                                                                              Try this:

I’m not good at this                                                             What am I missing?

I give up                                                                                     I’ll use my best strategies

I can’t do  this                                                                         I’m going to train my brain

I can’t do this any better                                                   I can always improve and keep


Don’t be afraid of what can go wrong, but focus on what can go right

Let the body look after the mind

  • Have regular breaks which don’t involve looking at a screen
  • Reduce the amount you check your phone, so that you don’t get side tracked in giving energy to wind ups
  • Avoid sugary snacks, fizzy and energy drinks
  • Up the protein (meat, eggs, cheese, fish)
  • If you don’t have a nut allergy, nuts and seeds, make a great snack full of protein, b vits (good for the nervous system) and magnesium (nature’s calmer)
  • Ensure you get enough sleep, by not looking at or playing on a screen for at least one hour before bed.
  • Keep up your preferred exercise. If you haven’t got time to do as much as your would like, try doing some hit training exercises in the garden, or a weight lifting session in your bedroom. Not only will this give you a seratonin hit, but will increase your energy and focus.
  • Don’t bottle up how you are feeling, ask your parent’s for some download time and help with what you need

I hope that this blog helps you do yourself proud. You won’t need luck as you’ve done the hard work. You are competant, able and resilient. Go Smash it!

If you would like help with  tailoring a revision plan and revision success toolkit please get in touch to book a one off session by emailing me at

The Weller Way Revision Guide for teens
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