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The Weller Way Mission Statement

I am a Parenting and Family Relationship Coach.

In the early days of the business I was asked “Why would someone want to be told how to be a parent?”

“Surely, it’s just a case of just getting on with it. Parents don’t like being told how to do it”


Yes, Being a parent and parenting is a verb.  It’s something you do, not just who you are. It’s not just about guiding the next generation, it’s about sometimes forgiving the last.

Many difficulties within families stem from a repeated cycle of unforgiven  situations from the past which affect our emotional health and our relationships.

It’s called our Shark music!

By repeating negative behaviour patterns, or doing the opposite of what our parents did re-enforces dis-connection and functionality.

So I am here to support parents on their inner journey of parenting, that emotional roller coaster ride which can veer from joy to anxiety. I can help you discover how to renew your optimism and confidence in raising a family in a climate which was very different from our own childhoods. I am here to help you discover your own inner wisdom and what works to make your family fully functional.  The notion of perfect parenting is non-existent, it’s all about finding your own authentic way that is good enough. A way that helps YOU feel  that you are thriving, rather than just surviving and a way that empowers the healthy emotional life of your children.

Work Life and Family Balance

As a Mother of 4, I have experienced the challenges of raising a family alongside working full-time, I have also known what it’s like to experience a teenager who reached a very  low point and  I am still coaching my daughter around the anxiety she suffers as a result of stress in the workplace. I know what it’s like to have a traumatic birth, and I have experienced emotional abuse during my childhood, all of which has fed into my Shark music.


I am here to support families who are experiencing any issue that is interfering with your relationship with each other. I can help you improve communication with each other, which strengthens your connection with each other, and therefore naturally leads to improved behaviour from your child, if behaviour is an issue. You can’t correct, if you don’t connect.


Inspired by my work with vulnerable young people in the Homelessness sector, I want to contribute in helping families stay together, whether young people are experiencing mental health problems, struggling to find an identity or have adopted unhealthy coping mechanisms. I can do this by encouraging parents to promote the development  of emotional resilience skills in their children from an early age. I passionately believe that we must help young people to see that suicide is not the better option than survival. So from the mantra of Chapter 1, helping to change lives, one by one, I’ve segwayed into helping parents one by one: Helping parents to strengthen the relationships with your children, your partner and with yourself.

I believe that parenting which is good enough leads to lasting connection, built through love, empathy, respect, understanding, attention together with time and authoritative boundaries. But will also lead to a world with partnerships between adults and children working together to be creative in solving problems, rather than acting in defence. We waste so much energy defending and attempting to win at the expense of others.

So to answer the first question, why would you want to seek help from The Weller Way?

  1. If you are feeling depleted or stuck in the relationship with your child. Are their more battles and arguments than nice times?
  2. If your child is displaying repeated negative behaviour patterns that is affecting the family dynamic. Or if you want to find a positive behavioural management system that considers the needs behind the behaviours.
  3. If you are struggling with a diagnosis and this is affecting your relationship.
  4. If your child is anxious or stressed due to the pressures of exams, or you suspect bullying.
  5. If your child is becoming distant in your relationship
  6. If you want help in knowing how to develop emotional resilience in your child.

A testimonial:

“Sarah is a wonderfully warm person who has provided excellent support to us without judgement. Sarah’s empathy and kindness really helped us to understand the circle of security and implement it at home. We have seen a huge difference in both our children and in our relationship. We are calmer with the children and understand the feelings behind the behaviour which means we can respond more positively. Thank you for all your understanding and patience.”

I also work in association with Starjumpz in Crowborough, supporting parents with children who are experiencing behavioural difficulties as a result of a Mental or Physical Health difficulty or diagnosis.

If you would like to connect or know more, I offer a free discovery session by phone or Skype, so please contact me.

The Weller Way Mission Statement
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